Help My HDD Died and I'm Stuck

My internal 1TB HDD Died 3 days a go and I have gotten a new WD 1TB WD10jpvt and none of the computers i have used can read it. I'm trying to clone my old HDD because i can still read from the Dead HDD it is juat that it is as slow a snail mail. 

can anyone sujest some software that i can use to clone my hdd with. im planing on putting the Dead drive in to the main slot on my computer and putting the new one thrugh a usb to sata converter then booting of a cd and cloning the drive.

Thanks for your help.



Here's how to format your new harddrive. Cloning is for plebs, but use Acronis disk imager.

Thanks, Right now im formating the drive.

P.S The reason i want to clone the drive is because i dont want to renstall the os and the drivers.(also i dont have the os on disk)

It's going to clone slow as hell with a USB to SATA adapter.

See if you have a spare SATA port on your motherboard otherwise the transfer will be capped by the USB ports transfer speed.

100 GB @ 25 MBps is going to take about 66 minutes... I think. 500 GB = 5 and a half hours!... I think


OS and Drivers?... Pretty sure you wouldn't "need" to clone that, but for drivers you can look up. (Besides, looking up the drivers may help you find updated ones if any were outdated) to help you identify parts or google parts if listed on the card/board physically. Beats waiting for a clone or get 99.9% done for it to lock up lol. Least look for the NIC Driver/Chipset Driver first and you're set to search online.

EHow to use PCI Lookup/ID's