[Help] Minor boot issue with Asus z97-A

Ok, so this issue doesn't reeeaaally bother me enough to freak out but I figure I should probably see if I can resolve it, so here goes.

Sometimes when I boot up (I always do a full shutdown, never use sleep or hibernate), the Asus splashcreen will still appear, hang for just slightly longer than normal, then go to the black screen with the blinking cursor for -again- slightly too long, and then hang completely at the windows logo screen. Normally there is a loading throbber under the logo, and I can tell when it hangs because that never appears. I usually just hold down the power button at this point, it cycles through again and generally that resolves the issue.

I'm just a little puzzled, because I am using an SSD as my boot drive, so this kind of sluggish boot doesn't quite seem right. It did originally boot a bit faster. I'm just not sure what would cause this issue.

Any insight is appreciated.

SSD might be dying, try another sata port, make sure it's in AHCI mode and not IDE mode on that port

It's only been in there for about a year, a bit less I think, and I bought it brand new. I should think it would have a longer lifespan than that, especially given that I don't really write to it that often.

Do you have any other sata devices in the system? could try unplugging all of those and booting with just the SSD

I recently fixed a system that for some incredibly odd reason was being slowed completely to a halt, by the DVD drive, no clue how that happens, but unplugging it fixed it.

I have two storage drives attached via SATA, a mechanical drive and an additional SSD for a couple bigger games. I'll try unplugging those and seeing what happens.

UPDATE: Unplugging both storage drives did nothing to help.

Well, I got nothing then, probably just an SSD or motherboard issue, check it with crystal disk info/mark

Well, I've used SSDLife as well as Crystalmark and as far as I can tell the drive appears to be functioning normally. Huh.