Help me! :(

Im looking into a first time build and I need some help. Well basically I'm in need of a harddrive and ram in order to get my computer running.Im completely out of money. I recently bought a car and im trying to get that up and running also. That took up all my savings. :/ Does anyone have any spare ram or a harddrive they can let me have? I can pay shipping If you like. I understand if nobody can help me out But its well worth a shot. :)

Specs:MB: Asus p8z77-v pro

P: I5-3570k

Psu: Corsair hx 750w semi-modular

VideoCard: Evga Gtx 560ti A buddy gave me this :D

Case: Corsair carbide series 500r

Ram: Have none

Storage: Have none

Optical drive: Liteon

If you would like to donate. Send me a message. I will love you forever :D lol
And i will play with you on steam when its up and running.

By the looks of it, you spurged hard on the components you have, didn't look to far but I found that mobo for $200 on newegg and that CPU for $235, didn't look up the PSU but I'm sure it cost ya a pretty penny. Honestly, you should have been more considerate with your funds, you could have picked up an 8GB mem kit and 500 GB HDD for the money you could have easily saved by trimming down those other compoents down to a 500W psu, ~$100 mobo and/or i5-2500k. And your performance would be nearly identical.


if you can afford shipping cost which is like 10 bucks USPS then you can afford 9.99, DDR3 is dirt cheap

good luck on the HDD

cheapest storage options



Well honestly i still havent bought all the parts yet. But im sold on what I want :/ Any suggestions on what i should downgrade?? Without losing performance?

I'll make a list for you tomorrow, need. so. much. sleep