Help me!

ok i bought a XFX GeForce 8800GT Aplha Dog XXX edition

and i installed it

but when i startup my computer the fan is stuck on 100%!

and i cant get it down an help plz?

I have that exact same card. Leave it at 100. it will get best cooling that way. But, if you really want it to be slower download rivatuner. or the nvidia ntune.

I purchased an 8800gt from xfx, and rivatuner would not turn the fan speed down. It turns out that it does not have the variable fan speed controller. if you go to and put in a support ticket, they will either send you a new heatsink/fan or you can rma the card fro a new one.

pfft. when the 8800 gt first came out, their fan speeds wouldn't go above 29%. that was a nightmare. I'd rather my fanspeed be set at 100%. then i wouldn't have to worry about overheating issues. some people may not like doing that because the fan dies out faster, but idc. i dont keep cards long enough for the fans to die. im constantly updating my system.

why are you constantly updating your system? that must get expensive? for me, an update every 3 or 4 years is good.

it is quite expensive. but if i see something better, i have to have it. i wont stop until i do. lol. its a curse

I think you should update your system every year and a half

thats pointless. as long as my systems can still play the latest games at medium settings, i would never do an upgradde

Use rivatuner im pretty sure you will be able to change the fan speed with that, but i dont see the point of doing that cause 8800 GT's run really hot mite as well leave as is

It is not pointless alot of people who bouhgt computers a year before crysis came out could not play it at all

rivatuner and ntune do not work..

kinda loud lol

I would say get a small fan controller like the zalman fanmate or something. i mean thats what 10 bucks, save quarters for a week and you could buy that easy

i dont think the fan controller can control the graphic cards fan, can it?

i have no clue. that'd be sweet if it can O.o