Help me with my future gaming setup

Hello.I wanna get a new pc and here are the specs:
Intel Xeon X5650
Msi X58 PRO
power supply: Seasonic M12II-620
SSD Western Digital Green 120GB
Palit GeForce GTX 1060 Dual 6GB
Monitor: G2460VQ6
Case: Zalman Z3 Plus
Triple Channel Corsair 12GB ( 3 X 4GB ) 1333MHz
Water Cooling Raidmax Cobra 120

The price in my country,Romania, for all of these is 1000 euros.
Should I buy it or can someone make me a better setup?
I have to say that I will overclock that Xeon X5650

1000 euro is way to much for that IMO. I can’t put together a new build for you at the moment cause I’m on a crappy iOS device, but you should be able to get a new Ryzen 5 + gtx 1060 build for around that price.

Yeah but Isn’t an Overclocked X5650 better than a Ryzen 5 1600 by way more?

No, it isn’t, especially not for gaming. The clock speed of the X5650 is so low that you’ll be CPU bottlenecked the entire time. Nahalem chips were game changing 7 years ago, but now they’re showing their age, and that specific one was made for core count, not IPC. Ryzen 5 1600 would blow that away, even if you overclocked the X5650. The expensive part of a new system right now are graphics cards and RAM. If you can afford RAM and a GPU for a modern system, that’s the way you should go.

The X5650 and X58 is old tech now, you would need to get it OC’ed to at least 4GHz and even then it will fall short of a modern CPU whilst chucking out more heat.

For €1000 I would look at all new parts. The way the exchange rate is now stacked against the £ have you checked the UK online stores? and etc?

EDIT: BTW I used to own an X5650 based system. At stock clocks its gaming performance was broadly similar to an FX 8120. With high over-clocks it was a good chip for its day.

So a quick check for a pre-built system confirms that you can get an R5 1600X system with a 1060 3GB card for less than your budget including delivery to Romania.

I’m sure there are better deals out there, but gives you some idea:

EDIT, OK, that doesn’t include a monitor or SSD but I’m sure you can pick up something that does for your budget (or just go second hand on a few parts).

I would consider something bigger then a 24" monitor.
I have a 27", it was a refurb and is not a “gaming” monitor. In general I try to avoid anything that says “gaming” since I like saving money.
I like the Pentium G4560 for budget builds.
There is nothing wrong with using the stock cpu cooler.
A PSU is a PSU, I have a raidmax and liteon that have lasted for years, the PSU on my IBM mod 30 286 still works and pre-dates that whole “80” rating thing.
There are guys from eastern europe here that can help with where to shop for stuff

Are you planning on OC’ing cause you really really like OC’ing or to get higher fps in games?

To get more fps in games…and I enjoy overclocking sometimes.