Help me set up a cheap Doge/LTC Mining Rig

So me and 2 of my friends are all going to chip in to set up a 24/7 mining rig to mine doge and LTC with, that way we minimize our risk. We are looking for a dual GPU setup. What's the cheapest rig we can throw together we a decent PSU and mobo? We are open to used stuff so if you have any parts to offer let me know!

I think the amd sempron is the best cheap low power cpu for mining. As long as your motherboard has 2 gpu slots (doesn't matter if 4x or 16x) you'll be fine for a 2 gpu mining setup. If you want to put another gpu in there you can always buy a 1x rise cable. In terms of the gpu itself, go with 2 7970, 2 280xs or 2 non reference 290s if you can find them cheap. I found some r9 280xs for $350 and r9 290s for $550 at a local computer shop. In terms of a psu, an 850w psu should run any 2 way gpu setup. If you are interested I have an antec high current pro 850w gold psu coming back from an rma that I can sell you. PM for details. 

Happy Mining.

We are looking at a Sempron due to the fact that it is compatible with decent mobos. We are trying to regain our investment ASAP. We also found a used 7870 on Craiglist for $130 to start us off. I'm going to get some PCI risers today and setup up a little open air rack from a stripped down/chopped up Zalman Z11 case.

How much would you want for that PSU? I really want a nice PSU for this and yours is great.

Should be BNIB from antec and should arrive in a week or so. I live in Canada. Not sure where you are but we can work out the shipping if you're in Canada or the US. Hows $85 sound?