Help me plz! Something is amiss with my laptop and not sure what

Just got a new ssd so my steam downloads would be faster yet they are still shitty, like ~2mbs. The ssd is a samsung 850 pro 512bg. I just want my laptops setup finished and squared away.

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Who told you that an SSD would fix your download problem?

2 Mb/s is very low. Go to a download speed measuring website (like this one) to check your speed and post the results here. It'll take a minute to measure both download and upload speeds, just be patient.

Also, what's your laptop?


I am sorry to say, but if you only bought that SSD to speed up downloads - who ever told you that would help - just fooled you.


Are you maybe talking about transfer (cloning) speed from the old HDD to the SSD? Does it have two drives in it?


Whoever told you that your Steam downloads would be faster with an SSD fooled you. Or maybe you didn't fully understand what this person tried to say to you.
Also what setup are you talking about?

P.S. next time and forward before doing anything, including writing posts on this and other forums, gather up ideas and facts.

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An ssd can't make downloads faster. But it can make loading times of games faster.

Never trust what people say on the Internet, unless there are people out there to verify what was said/suggested.

I guess in theory if your internet is 1 Gbps or faster you could make an argument for an SSD for download and writing speed but doesn't sound like it's the case.

Lol, it was my misunderstanding. Thank you everyone for your assistance!

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That is still a worthy upgrade though, so it's not like you totally wasted money. Those are very good SSD's.

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