Help me pick which 670 I should go with

So, I have 4 670's selected. I will be gaming at 1920x1080. I would like to get the highest fps possible on high settings. Unless it is a 670, please do not recommend any alternative cards to me, I just want to know which of the 4 cards will preform the best for me. Here are the cards:

So, as you can see, there are 2 EVGA cards, and 2 Asus cards. Which of these cards will preform the best? Will I need 4GB for one screen at 1920x1080? Asus or Evga? Let me know which is the best choice for me. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks.

More GPU memory is need when you are playing at super high resolutions, 2 gigs is enough for 1080, so the 4gig isn't advised


The first one if you aren't OCing it (I beleive it has a reference board)

and if you are planning to OC it a bit, definately the asus 2gig because of the after market layout and the better cooler

You do not need 4 gigs for 1920x1080, but out of the 4 you have linked there I would say go for the 2nd ( just because it is factory overclocked. But, if you want to OC yourself, go with the 2GB ASUS card (

I would also recommend MSI, they make some very good Graphics cards, especially those with the Twin Frozr coolers.

If I were to pick an EVGA card, it would've been the FTW edition of the 670. Otherwise, the ASUS 2GB version or MSI Power Edition would suffice

Oh yeah, forgot to add, I don't plan on SLI'ing two 670's together as by the time I can afford it the next gen cards will most likely be released.

By then, you could sell your 670 and use the money that you would use for SLI on getting something like the Nvidia Titan.

Apparently the 670 reference board is pretty cramped and poorely designed so i would go for the 2GB Asus especially if oc but the EVGA should be very reliable.

THat's exactly what I was thinking :)

I think I'm leaning towards the second link. As it's more likely for me to add a second monitor than to overclock, so it'd be nice to have that 4GB. The fourth link is a bit too expensive for me. What do you guys think? Good choice? Bad choice? Let me know.



EDIT: I was told that 4GB for one screen is overkill by a few people, so I think the first link will be the one I go with.

Imo, gaming on 2 screens feels very..incomplete and kinda weird, if you wanna multimonitor game, go with 3 then youd might want the 4 gig

if you are gaming on 1080p on 1 monitor and maybe a browser on the other, stay 2 gigs

the evga's smaller pcb concerns me.


Id go Asus, its one of the best cooler out there and also one of the quietest.

Is there a specific reason that you are leaving the EVGA FTW version out?  And there's no need to waste money on a 4gb card at that resolution.  Also, no matter which you pick it's an amazing card, is the asus really worth a 30 dollar premium over the stock EVGA?

Yeah, I'm going with the 2GB evga version, I think. And I have to agree, 2 monitors doesn't really look good when you're playing a game. I'd probroally only use one of them for a game if I had two.

I didn't realise that there was a ftw version of the 670. I thought that was only for the 680... derp. And yeah, I realised that. I'll be going with a 2GB card. As for the ASUS vs EVGA thing, I dunno. That's why I posted this thread. lol