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Help me make sense of this RAM diagram

So last week i ordered an excessively large CPU cooler that will cover most of my RAM slots and i also happen to own this very tall RAM kit that i run on slots A2 and B2 on my motherboard, as per recommendation of a little card that came in the box that instructed me to do as such, or refer to the RAM diagram on the manual (more on this later), which will upset the visuals of the system a little bit, since the intake cooler will have to sit on top of slot B2 and will have to clear this tall RAM heatsink.
Ideally i would run this kit on slots A1 and B1 to clear the intake fan, since the heatsink has a deep cut to make that possible, so i refered to the RAM diagram the little card mentioned and i was presented with this:

I sincerely don’t know what that frequency table means, i’m only aware that my RAM is a single rank B-Die kit.
Theoretically, could i use my ram kit without issues on A1 and B1, or do i need to stick to A2 and B2?
Here’s a Taiphoon Burner reading of one of the dimms, if it helps:

A2 and B2 being populated first is typical for AM4 boards. I can only imagine it is this way to buy a little extra room between the first stick of RAM and the heatsink, but this is purely speculation.

Basically what it comes down to is whether it will work or not. Try it. Works? Great! Doesn’t work? Hate! For most people it doesn’t make sense to have such overkill ramsinks, but it’s really hard to find decent RAM nowadays that doesn’t have it’s own uniquely designed oversized ramsinks.

You could try to remove them and modify or replace them, but that would likely void the warranty. From the picture, it looks like you should be able to slide the fan up a bit to allow clearance if your case has the room to allow it, but fitment issues like these are hard to gauge just by looking at pictures.

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I could remove those heatsinks, but like you said, it voids the warranty.
I bought these a little while back due to specs and price, not really taking in consideration the design (although i must admit, this is my favorite RAM heatsink design in a while) or the height, specially because i was running an AIO watercooler, which wouldn’t really interfere in anything.
And yeah, i could slide the fan up, but that is precisely what i don’t want visually speaking, my new case has a very large glass window which would make that quite visible.
I think i’m going to test the RAM on A1 and B1, see how they run.

@KleerKut Tried it now, i put the RAMs on A1 and B1 and just set the XMP profile (instead of trying my previous timing config) and it ran perfectly, it even gave me my best Firestrike score so far at 20404 points.
I’m going to try out the custom timing settings now, in general it already seems better than keeping the dimms in A2 and B2.

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Interesting. Maybe down to shorter traces?
Would be interested in some pictures of the cooler / RAM setup.

Perhaps? The system seems entirely better now, it also now ran my 16-16-16-36 timing without issues (although i would like to run it under Memtest86 to be 100% sure) and got this 20478 points run and 3612 points on CB20.
As for the cooling setup pics, my Ninja 5 is still in the mail, i’m going to make a proper post to compare it with the Asetek 280mm AIO i mentioned on the Ryzen 3000 mega thread and see if it has any improvements over it.
I’ll also changing my case, out goes the InWin 805, in comes the Cooler Master Trooper SE, which has way better airflow in comparison.

Yeah, that looks damn solid. Also pretty impressive what options you have for storage in that thing. :+1:

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I even get to use my bluray burner again with that case, its quite the thing.
I also really wanna make an SSD array on that side panel if possible, like on the demo pictures.
Except i’ll probably use 4 of these:

Yeah, that’s stable alright.
Running at 3600mhz at 16-16-16-36 timings.
Looks like changing the slots to A1 and B1 only had positive effects.