Help me kill my console

Hi guys,

I really need help! I'm right on the edge of my budget and my parents already think £550 is too much! Should I go with the fx 6300 and get the 212 evo straight away, or should I use the stock cooler on the fx 8320 for a couple of months and get the 212 evo after saving up! 

This is what I was thinking:

Should I save money and get non-modular or spend a couple of extra pounds and get semi modular?

Should I save money on the case???



AMD stock coolers are shit. But if you can deal with a bit of noise for a while and get an Hyper 212 Evo two months down the line, by all means, do it. The 8320 is a very good processor even with the stock cooler.

The Zalman Z11 is still a good case, but if you can get something like the 200R for less or even the same price, take that instead.

The semi-modular Corsair PSU should do well in cable management with the 200R, if you choose to use it, but even a non-modular would hold well.

If you can grab a 7870 XT or GHz edition for cheaper than the 270, get that instead.

If you can afford to, just drop the DVD reader and shave off 10 pounds.

Why do you need a powerline adapter?

Had a quick tinker.

I know the case is not that aesthetic but oh well it's forced by budget.

Do you really need the DVD drive?

Use the stock and get the evo later . . . (isn't this common sense?). This may sound rude but why should u buy a hexa core CPU and a good cooler over an octa core CPU with stock cooling? I mean replacing the CPU will cost much more then replacing the cooler.

Computer is upstairs and router is downstairs. Wi-Fi would be slower than power line.

The z5 doesn't have any USB 3.

Also the r9 270 comes with bf4!

You can use USB 2.0 headers if you want.