Help me get away from consoles – BF4 rig

Good evening, hope you're doing well.

I would like to be able to play BF4 on medium settings at ≈60fps. I'm too afraid to overclock since I want to avoid voiding my warranty at all costs. Please count in the OS too since I have none that I could reuse (-user...). Please keep the whole price under 600$.

If you would be so kind and help me build my own PC, I would be very grateful.


Do you need peripherals?  I'll see what I can do w/ and w/o peripherals and such.

OS + Tower:

OS + KB/M + Tower + Monitor:

OS + Tower:

Swap out the Motherboard and the Case and that build is pretty solid. ASUS' M5A97 R2.0 is a good board, but I hate the MSI boards. The case, whilst it's okay, has terrible cooling and the cable management is pretty lackluster.

Can't comment on the OS + KB/M + Tower + Monitor build though, as I have almost no knowledge of FM2 boards. 

Asus' M5A97 r2.0 would be the board to go with if his budget was bigger.

As for the case, if you can get a 120mm front fan in the front, it'll improve airflow quite a bit.  I find that there's enough space behind the motherboard tray for some cable management, though.

Yeah, slapping a 120 on that thing would be pretty good actually. As for cable management, it's pretty bad. But for the price, they're all pretty bad and the 210 is the best one for the price.