Help me find the best 2560x1080p Monitor

I am looking for a 21:9 2560x1080p Monitor. I taked a look at the Asus PB298Q an the AOC Q2963PM. Or do you guys recommend me different ones ? Love to hear from you what the best choise is.

1. Picture AOC Q2963PM

2. Picture Asus PB298Q 

There was a similar topic about this. I have LG 29UB65, take a look, its great.

I have the PB298Q and I can say im not dissapointed at all, the stand is amazing compared to my old monitor, as you have all the adjustments you need and the ips panel has really nice colors and the border is not bad at all. and because of this monitor I moved back to a single monitor as you get some extra screen space that you can use in a way you normally would with two, which saves deskspace. so a +1 from me to the PB298Q

Btw your name ImJahova, have you just copied the youtuber ImJahova's name or..? im just curious


These look pretty awesome

I have it and its great. It arrived in 4 days. Didn't have to pay any shipping or tax so it was just 280.

It doesn't have the sturdiest of stands and having the vesa mounts off to the side is a bit odd but it looks great and is mostly metal like the review said. Those are the only minor negatives I have on it.

Actually i didnt know that a Youtuber has this Name. I first saw this Name by a friend of mine when I was playing Call of Duty Black Ops II on PS3.

Yes I actually heard of this Monitor before, but I am not sure that it can arrive without any dead pixel, because it is such a huge shipping range.

And what about the Asus MX299Q ?Asus MX299Q

Maybe you're friends with the real jahova haha, have you heard of speedy and nobody epic?

No vesa mount or stand adjustments. PB is better.