Help me find a good build quality mouse

So for the past years I have been using 10$-20$ mice and always end up with problems related to durability (eg. the buttons start to jam, the rubber parts start to come loose,middle wheel becomes very inaccurate, etc).

Adding to this I never found a mouse that was comfortable to work/game with for several hours. (I have a pretty big hand and need to have my fingers bent and my hand is in a uncomfortable position).

I am looking for a mouse that has a high build quality/durability (don't want to use it one year and the buttons to start jamming or the mouse fall apart) that is also quite big to fit my hand on the most comfortable way possible. I would also appreciate to not be paying for the brand (avoid razer and those major gaming hardware producers that are way overpriced imo).

I am open to suggestions, any good experiences with mice fitting my requirements?

Thanks in advance :)

PS: Would also like some suggestions on some websites to buy hardware and accessories from, I am from Portugal so I either pay a lot for the transport or I can't get much variety.

Honestly, the Logitech G502 works great for me. If you're claw grip then definitely stay away from it.

The best advice I can give for someone searching for mice is to go into a local best buy, and try out the mice they have on display, and go from that.

I made the move to nice quality mice 12 years ago and I'm on my third. First was a Razor and that lasted over six years. Then a Corsair and that crapped out just recently. After watching a review here on TekSyndicate I got a Zowie. I was impressed that there were three different sizes available. I also have large hands so I bought the largest one. The ZA11 and wow it's big. The first mouse I have owned that fills my hand, it took a could of days to get used to it. It's real comfortable, look nice without being too bling. It came with a cable support thingie that is more useful than I thought.

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Have done this several times the problem is I can't find a mouse I feel comfortable with.

And the only ones with decent build quality are "gaming" mice and cost 80/90+ € which is out of my budget

Yea it's going to cost, there is little way around that issue. Before finally giving in to forking out the cash I burnt through so many mice. I can say from experience they do last longer. I have much the same problem trying to find a keyboard I like. The ones I can afford are crap and the ones I want are way too expensive.

Cheap Chinese Mice have always been great to me

What do you play mostly?

The one you suggested isn't that expensive, 50-60€ is what I am planning on spending. And for that amount of money I expect a real good mouse, not top end but really good.

Hi personally I really recommend the Corsair M40 had it 2 years and still works a treat, good software too! :D great for my gaming and productivity, i.e photography/ design work

I have a Roccat Kone XTD for almost 2 years now and I love it. It's well built, it's really big, has 2 thumb buttons, a lot of options to customize dpi, button assignment and what not.

It looks really nice and performs well, the only minor problem i have time and time again is that a hair gets caught in the small hole the laser sensor sits in and confuses the sensor, turning the mouse and blowing in usually fixes it but just in case it's a dealbreaker for you I mention it anyway. The only real downside is the price because at around 80$ it's not exactly a steal.

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I have very good experience with Logitech G502, G602 and Zowie EC1A. They are great! All optical, no acceleration, very accurate. G602 has an amazing battery life too.

What are you talking about? It's meant to be a palm mouse, but I heard it can accommodate any style. It's an excellent optical mouse. It's good for most games, but really excels at FPSs and MOBAs. If you play MMOs though, you'll want something with even more buttons, such as this, but there are a few companies that make them.

However, since I had the G9x (don't bother, discontinued = ridiculously expensive) before it, I find a few features lacking in the G502, such as being limited to three on-board profiles, from five and no RGB LED, (which was the only way to know what profile was active). The scroll wheel is also too loose in freewheel mode. It moves when I move the mouse. Not sure if you'll realize how annoying this is since you've never experienced freescrolling before. The switches will probably last you five years, before your primary dies. By then, you can decide to upgrade, fix the switch, or do both and have a secondary mouse for general computing and one for gaming, which is what I have now. (You'll be crying if your primary breaks without a backup on hand.) I hate the blue LED, though. It also has a Tron-like/cyberpunk design, that not everyone's going to be crazy about, but it's not as out-there as the Mad Catz R.A.T.

You're in luck, the Christmas season will be upon us soon. From here to mid-January is the best time to buy tech. I don't know if retailers in Portugal follow a similar pattern though. Sometimes, (at least in the US) stores have their best deals in October. Start watching prices and start researching mice.

You should prioritize certain features:

  • Grip Type - palm, claw, fingertip (models in chart are dated, but it explains the concept)
  • Sensor - optical (more accurate) or laser (more sensitive)
  • Button amount - 5 is most common, but there are models with 7 or more
  • Everything else
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Thanks for all the advice, I will be on the lookout for some good deals.

The grip type I am looking for is Palm grip (the most comfortable for me), sensor I really don't know which fits me best, 5 buttons is more than sufficient I rarely bind functions to the mouse buttons.

Can someone tell how much the weight affects the feel of the mouse? Never experienced heavy mice before but in my mind the weight would increase control.

I honestly don't care. Added word. Just chill.

Most of the people on this forum are going to point you at small to medium optical gaming mice but if large format comfort and quality are #1 and #2 for you then you may want a laser mouse.

The Logitech MX Master and Func MS-3² are the largest mice in the list below.

Full List of Most Common Referenced Mice

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Really liked the Func MS-3² , seems very comfortable and there is a place that sells it 30min from where I live.
Was surprised by the price, under 50€. It is on the top of my list atm.

I don't know what you're talking about. I was just clarifying it's not primarily a claw grip mouse.

It would help if we knew what types of games he plays.

I wish the G502 software was as awesome as Roccat's. I like how it counts your button clicks over the life of the mouse.

I occasionally play dota2 and some mmorpgs, but I want a mouse not just aimed at gaming.
I work with my computer quite a lot so comfort and durability are above all else.

Searched for some more mice around my price range, any thoughts on these?

Still open for suggestions, and a clarification about the effect of the weight of a mouse.

Thanks once more for the help