Help me fill my hole with balls

Hello, I like I am a trackball user I likes me the M570, I dropped it, ball poped out and can't find it.
I could buy new one or pay the ridiculous price for replacement ball but no I'm finding something else to put in there

I tryed these

But too big. I went around town with the mouse in my pocket checking marbles and bouncy balls and various sports balls, no luck there.

Some of you may be thinkin well even if you find one that will fit would it even work right? and to that I say shut-up with your thoughts


Buy a used one from eBay for the trackball?

rofl what? You should measure the opening size. That would make finding it easier. Or just buy a new one.

the new one cost $5 more,bad deal but I will keep buying verious things but put in there no matter how much it cost but not what is suppose to go in there, never what is suppose to be in there.
I am 100% serious just in case there is any doubt

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I appreciate the link but no I'm not buying the actual ball.

Its suppose to be a 1.5" ball. I assume the cue balls are oversized but I do not have calipers handy.

I could go to best buy and measure the ball to be 100% sure.

I could also steal the trackball out of the display model wile I was there but no I don't steal things.

Probably designed in metric, and not exactly 1.5". You might be hard pressed to find something that fits perfectly.

Okay I'm confused. What the fuck do you want? Just some random shit to put in the place of the ball?

34 mm/1.33858268 in

what I want is a ball that fits in there perfectly but not the official Logitech one, maybe a bearing

Just... Why...

Brand Name Logitech
Item Weight 4 ounces
Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 1 x 1 x 1 inches

thank you, the bearings are the practical choice but the blue Apatite is very pretty, hmm.

So are you sure these are the right size?

Nope. Got the measurement from here. The balls should actually be 34mm though.

I'll sell you a M570 for $17/shipped if you're in the conUS. :)

Dude I'm pretty sure he just wants balls to put in his hole. Not a new hole and a new ball.

Well, the mouse is used and therefore so is the ball! Not a new ball. :D

Why would you want someone else's used ball...? Get fresh balls.

I may take him up of the offer if this fails but for now Think I'll look around a but more and find the prettiest crystal to put in there.

Was that new or used Mr Blind623?

thank you Mr fish 1000 and everyone who replied

They're clean.

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