Help Me Design A Hypothetical Game

Title. I want to spark something fun here. Choose a genre, engine, mechanics, story of sorts, and point. I want the community to have a large brainstorm thread every once in a while that everyone can be involved in.

What I would want in the game is a driving system. Its an important part of a lot of games I play. It doesn't have to be 1:1 realistic, but it can't be something trash like in GTA. Something with some difficulty if you wanted to, say, drift through corners to get to places faster. An element of physics put in.

But just as a mechanic, not the major over all game.

Throw sticky explosives out of the window.

Thats just GTA.

Only played a couple hours of GTA then switched to linux :S

Native linux client!

Ok I got it. If its multiplayer, one player is throttle, one is steering.


All the menu fonts have to have a certain...



Random terrain generation based on pre made textures.
for example If its an FPS then design a whole bunch of rooms that you can tile together.
however, if you go back the way you came its a different terrain. So no matter what direction you move its always new and different even if you go backwards. and seamless transition. So as soon as its out of view its no longer the same thing.
This works for every game.

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So we make our own games? Or expand on you first idea @FaunCB?

Just a brainstorm thread, nothing else. A community excersize.

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soo just throwing ideas out there?

...I guess I can give you a freebee... off the top of my head so its a little lazy and should be treated as a soft pitch

Genre- Simulator

Engine- Unreal Engine 1998

Mechanics- First person game, press F to pay respects, dialogue wheels with time sensitive choices, choose your own adventure 40 endings

Story of sorts- You play as @wendell's unpaid intern, helping with editing, moderating the forum, and backend upkeep of said forum. From time to time @wendell, @ryan or @kreestuh will give you esoteric tasked that must be completed while still completing your primary duties (like get m&m but only of a certain color, or build a conspiracy theorist tapestry of tech tubers). Also you will have to juggle a new relationship, there will be the option to male or female, be gay or strait (bring in the money with the hipster crowd), all while the L1T team gives you unwanted advice and sometimes tries to meddle in a attempt to "help" depending on how you interact with them.

This game will take place over the summer, while you are not at school.

Title- Summer in the sun: an intern story

oh and

Point- Inspire you to embrace what life throws at you and take risks. this game will try to be as long as a real summer and make some endings only possible with multiple play sessions, there by taking as much time away from real life as possible, there by being "ironic" (to target Kotaku level of gamer)

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Throw sticky Galaxy Note 7's



Since I'm fascinated by Dark Soulses design (the first one), I'm going to say this:

Hack and slash rpg, duh...


Well in that case, here is your battle system:
Same as the Dark Souls one - timing, blocking, attacking in different ways, pattern recognition, etc etc...
Absolute equality in both stats and equipment.
A sword does 50dmg in your hands. It also does 50dmg in the hands of the enemies. The difficulty curve will be made entirely by the weapons selection, enemy AI and the specific situation the player is in.
For example, you start with a selection of swords and blades. The bow will come up at the half way point. Spears and halberds will also be introduced later in the game.
The enemy strength and stats in general will raise slowly through the levels, so the enemy at zone 3 will have better AI, better stats and better equipment, therefore way more difficult than zone 1 enemies.
Dark souls went for something like that, but they have gated enemy progress through bosses. When you beat a boss, the overall enemy stats and HP are raising. Also there is weapon's leveling, that I have never ever liked in any game.
At the end of the day the player will not really become much more powerful than in the beginning, but it will have better skills and will utilize the battle system better.

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But the point.... tell us the point of it all

The point is, that this will be the fairest game of them all. People say Dark Souls is fair, because everything, that affects you also affects the enemies. Now it will be even fairer, if the weapons are also equal, and the stats are equal. Not skyrim equal, where the enemy stats grow with your level. Part of the enjoyment of many games is going back to an early area and annihilate am enemy, that gave you a hard time before. So the stats should be zone based...
The point is, to be fair. Nothing else.
PS: I really need to get back to the design series I started and didn't do anything with...

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A mental excercise I already said

No the point of his game, thus my reply to him.

please, I enjoyed them

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Yeah... I need to force myself. I am almost done with the tutorial episode and will start the next one that will be level design. But stuff have happened and hard drive have gotten full and the new one makes my case vibrate throughout the apartment, so I need to do some vibration dampening and stuff...
Can't wait to reach the battle system episode...


A FPS focused on the American Revolution, would be cool. It could be made with the source engine.

Story - You will be playing as a made up character fighting around real soldiers in the 1st New Hampshire Regiment...... I could go into more detail. But this is really all you need. Consider it one of the old COD games.

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