Help me confirm my Air Flow set up - Need to purchase Fans accordingly -- (Diagram inside) -- [3950x/Aorus Master/NZXTx62]

Here is a diagram for my proposed set up (Parts are still arriving, so I gauged the fit of the fans based on the scale in case manual.)

It is to be used as an at home After Effects workstation. I’m kinda trying to not spend too much, here is the cost list/parts list for anyone curious.

I’ve been recommended Noctua Fans, but they’re like $15 bucks a pop. I was told to atleast get a 150mm(with 140mm adapter) for the rear exhaust. What are some decent brands/types? (I don’t care about lighting or looks, never one to get a case with a window. I like darkness. Speaking of which, I question if the NZXT is recommended on reliability or aesthetics)

Additionally, based on conversations with others regarding if the NZXT x62 can be top mounted, I’m arriving at the conclusion that the 280mm Radiator w 4x Push/Pull fans [ON TOP] is not ideal for this case, especially with the 5.25 Bay being used. (I have a diagram for that proving it wont fit, but I don’t want to clutter the post). I prefer not to have it top mounted anyways, openings on top of my case makes me nervous.

One more question to squeeze in, unrelated to fans, for those familiar with the Fractal R6.

Is the backplate on the Aorus Master going to be an issue for me? I read I may have to mod, i.e. removing a part of the R6? I’ve never built something before either, so this should be fun.

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BeQuiet and Noiseblocker got some nice fans, cheaper than Noctua.
EK Vardar are also an option.


So absolutely don’t use any stock fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

My current PC uses Antec true quiet fans, how do those compare to these and Noctua?

I should update the Diagram ( UPDATED BELOW) , I’m simplifying the fans based on other suggesting I’m receiving elsewhere.
Advised that you get diminishing returns past 4 fans. That Push Pull isn’t good value for its cost, not much gained, infact more risk of impeding airflow if differential in sandwich fan speeds, so it was advised against.

Was told CPU rad would be best on top, as being in front while great for CPU rad getting cool temps from outside air, will build up hot air inside and make it tougher for GPU. Where as mounting will make CPU warmer, but is something the CPU can handle vs a GPU. However, that wont fit with this case as I need the 5.25" slot. My solution to the GPU getting hit from front Radiator heat, is to get a GPU that has an AIO Liquid Cooler, so the ambient air flow temps around it make no difference.

Was also told that base fans at bottom aren’t that helpful since its going to be on carpet.

Good enough, I would say.

When they are PWM or your motherboard supports DC fan control, every fan can be made to be quiet (mostly).

Convection has nothing on a spinning fan blade. So why not turn airflow arround?


This is pretty much my setup, in from the top rear, out from the back and front, with PSU intake facing the interior but I am using a case that I can ALMOST sit inside of with the doors closed if there is nothing installed, almost.

Made a big difference to my thermals, though I didn’t really think it would beforehand, was shocked to get well over 10C ambient drop just from fan placement.

Oh now that is an interesting concept to keep in mind. Goes against every air direction suggestion I’ve gotten thus far. (been mooonlighting inquiries on reddit too).

I would guess in this configuration the entire board gets cooling priority with fresh cool intake right next to it?

Additionally it isn’t pumping hot air behind against a wall, under a desk, what have you. Which likely keeps the hot air from collecting in one area and distributes it into the room evenly.

Although I feel like I’d get annoyed by my pc if its starts blowing things away in front of it or blowing hot air directly in my direction. I also keep a Vornado Shop Fan on the floor near the front of the case to cool myself, which also compliments frontal intake, however, with this it may impede the exhaust direction.

Still, the layout positioning doesn’t change and flipping the fans after assembly isn’t too complicated I imagine, so I should at least test it out.

That front panel.tho. In theory I can see where this might be helpful. Decent Sp fans would be required.


That’s all I can think of. The back doesn’t have a filter if I remember correctly.

That is a easy mod. I was thinking it might be possible to cause to airflow issues because all the air is not moving in the same direction or in a natural way.

True, but I’m lazy. Why mod the case when you can do the good ol switcheroo?

For me it is just matter of using an old fan filter off something not used. The magnet filter design deployed these days.

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Could be a problem, agreed.
But as others said, magnetic dust filters are easy to come by.

In my limited experience, dust filtes are most effective when pre-clogged with cat hair.

Yes, you mean like the ones directly located behind the front panel that can be turned arround?

Which is why I never clean mine.

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I tried that set up with that case, and with bequiet silent wings fan, the fan in the back was significantly louder. So if you use that fan just use the traditional set up.

I was about to order these noctua fans, the 2x140mm are static pressure for the radiators, and the other 2 are for airflow ones for rear and top. These Noctua ones are quite the premium, are they worth it? Any cheaper quiet pwn fans in these specs?

How many alternatives do you need?

  • Noctua Redux
  • EK Vardar
  • NoiseBlocker BlackSilentPro
  • SilverStone AirPenetrator

Aw crap, my bad, I was hunting for those names, but couldn’t find them, ofc I ask in the same thread twice, lol, noted. Thanks my guy!

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I saw a roughly 10c temperature drop on CPU alone from fan placement changes (basically, ensuring that two exhausts were not fighting each other). Whatever layout you do, try to make sure airflow is as unimpeded as possible. If air is stuck stationary due to conflicting airflows then it won’t be carrying heat away.

Yea its crazy how case dependent fan placement has to be to get 100% of the benefit. Really wish someone would develop a carbon and water free smoke machine type thing design specifically for testing case airflow.

Dry Ice should work.