Help me choose a tablet!

Well i really want to purchase a tablet for some odd reason. Maybe to replace a laptop? idk 

I been looking around online and these are what i have found, im trying to keep it below $500 with taxes included and now that black friday is here maybe ill be able to get some freeshiping deals. Anyways here is what i have found

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"

Asus Trasformer Pad Infinity 10.1"

I perfer not getting an iPad for many reasons, I know i probably missed alot of tablets on the market so if some people could help me find some other good one i would really appreciate it! 

Must have good prefermance (not laggy)

10.1" screen or near that

under $500 

Nexus 10 if you don't need a keyboard.. If you do need a keyboard whatever the latest tablet asus has made that has a keyboard dock connection.

the galaxy tab 2 10.1 is cheaper than galaxy note 10.1. tab doesen't have the pen though.

nexus doesen't have a microsd slot, but note 10.1 and tab 2 10.1 do.

you could get a 64GB MicroSDxc class 10 quite cheap today.

here are some more differences between tab and note:

except in all modern version of android the capabilities of the SD card have been crippled, they can only be used for files and to store data for some apps, you can no longer push apps to SD card.

yes, you're never given a choice on where to store your apps, but if you store all of you pics videos and documents on the microsd, you will save a lot of your internal storage. (android apps aren't so large are they?)

one thing that is very anoying is that spotify won't let you chose where to store the downloaded music.

Asus all the way. There hardware is top notch and they have somthing for everyone. Highly recommend.

these are my top 3 choices