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Help me choose a new chair

I am looking at getting a new chair to replace my worn out DX racer M series. I have narrowed things down to the ErgoChair 2, the Ergohuman Elite Mesh, the Steelcase leap or the Steelcase gesture.

My main use will be general computer use including gaming and movie watching so I am looking for something that is comfortable for a long periods of time as well as something that can be adjusted to various different seating position.

The two Steelcase options are considerably more expensive than either the Ergohuman and ErgoChair and all options besides the Ergohuman would need to be imported in (I am in Australia) so further adding to cost.

From the above four options what would people recommend? I am willing to look at other options but local availability may make things difficult. I don’t have a budget and I am trying to not break the bank but as I do also spend (too much) time in my chair I am willing to spend a reasonable amount to get an appropriate chair.

In their recent WFH video, our beloved overlord recommended looking for used Herman Miller chairs. Maybe you could do the same if you are US based.

height weight?

height weight?

183cm and ~95KG

Id probably skip ErgoChair2, its nice in back support, but the cushion is a bit stiff for my taste and you weigh a bit more then me.

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Just general advice for this no matter where you are. See if you have office furniture liquidators around. Offices will buy the Steel case stuff and then it will be sold for a big discount if they are sold on and frequently is very good if not brand new condition if your lucky.


I can see a few second hand Leap’s around but none with the head rest. Do you know if it is possible to add the head rest on afterwards as an accessory?

Maybe ?

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