HELP! I've accidently deleted my window 8.1 cd file

Hello, I bought window 8.1 cd 64 bit last 2 year and this year. I try to delete my hard drive but I've accidently deleted my window 8.1 cd files as it was in the (E:) local disk. I'm looking to repair my cd windows 8.1 64 bit disk only. Since I only have the 8.1 serial key version.

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Just need a solution to repair my windows 8.1 64 bit files cd...

If you have the serial # you could probably download a pirated win 8.1 but instead of the crack just use your serial #.
(I have no clue if this will work but it's a thought)

May I have a link of a window 8.1 64 bit ?

Here's a link to a guide from MS on how to create your own installation media (USB flash drive or DVD). If you already have a key you should be fine with this.

May I have some help? I've already download the ISO windows 8.1 64 bit and Im trying to burn it to my window 8.1 cd. And Im having some trouble...

Wait, what? You need to burn the ISO onto an empty DVD, not onto a disc that already has data on it. Then use the newly burned disc to repair your Windows.

I've already completed 100% burned the iso files into a hp DVD-R cd. And when I put it in my pc and it still says missing OS With 20 sec waiting And it is probably the cd fault. Now I'm gonna try the USB method.