Help. Intel GPU drivers won't install

Okay, so after the video reviewing the Asus P8Z77-V Pro (my motherboard) I decided to investigate this VirtuMVP thing, so I downloaded it and tried to install it, at which point it went "Whoah there, sonny, you don't have an internal GPU" to which I replied "Oh yeah, that's right, that's why I didn't install you last time".

This is because I don't have the Intel drivers installed. So I went to the Asus site, got the drivers and went to install them and it goes "Whoah there, sonny, your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements for this software", to which I naturally replied, "Oh yeah, that's right, that's why I didn't install you last time I tried to install VirtuMVP".

Now, I have a 3770k in a P8Z77-V Pro, with a GTX 680.

Can someone tell me why it won't install the drivers for the onboard GPU?

And if the answer is "You have to take the GTX 680 out, install the drivers, and then put it back in" I will not do that and the Intel GPU can sit alone in the corner without drivers.

grab the drivers off the intel site. I just updated my hd 3000 drivers yesterday, no probs at all. and you prolly do have to take it out, or at least be using the intel gpu

I'll try off the intel site. If that doesn't work and there are no other suggestions I won't bother. It's just not worth it.

I forgot I donwloaded them, hence the huge delay.
Those drivers reported the same thing.

Waiting on other suggestions now.