Help identifying similar GPU

I bought a 2nd hand GPU to the first gaming GPU I ever owned.

I cleaned it up, and will put it on display in my office. Likewise, I noticed another card, very similar for sale on eBay, but with variances.

The top card;
ATi (Rage 6) Radeon 64MB DDR ViVo - PN: 109-70700-01

The bottom;
Very similar, but some changes in vram, caps, phases and chokes - PN:109-70700-20

Is it the same card, but later revision? Can’t find anything off PN.

Thanks for any info.

Did you look underneath the heatsink yet? Might be some embossing / etching to verify

paging @Fouquin

RADEON 7500 maybe

not exactly the same but similar ram setup

Matches a bit better

Deff the same just different components

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking due to the part number.

Top: 109-70700-01
Bottom: 109-70700-20

It’s like ver 0.1 (vs) ver 2.0

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Yeah this is just a minor revision of the same card. ATi was kinda in the shit during this time period with a LOT of global PCB supply, and pretty quickly dropped to a core of basic designs in specific regions. So it’s not surprising that they issued a redesign that probably worked better to host multiple SKUs (possibly with the same core GPU) and you’re seeing the result of that.