Help identify part missing pls

I bought a 42" hp Designjet for £50 it works well apart from missing the part to hold the ink cartridges, have Jerry-riged a fix however it's not easy to replace ink or fix blocks. If anyone could tell what part it's missing I'd be grateful.

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I'm no expert but I'd say it's the lid bit that holds the cartridges in.

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Get in touch with HP, they should be able to tell you the part name, number and where you can obtain it.

What model printer do you have? We have a 42" DesignJet 800PS at work, and it looks like you're missing the hinged cover for the ink cartridges. On our printer there is no mechanism that secures the ink cartridges - they're just seated in place and held by friction.

I found a manual, DesignJet pdf that has detailed information , including part numbers (the cover is C7769-60159 on page 7-4).

If this isn't your printer, you should be able to find the correct manual.

I have the 42" DesignJet 500, thanks for showing me that link all other PDFs didn't give me that useful info. the printer doesn't see the ink cartridges and they just sit their without friction but it's good to know there is no mechanism

A yet bigger piece of wood.

Doesn't look like those cartridges have a cover to hold them in place.

It seems they have a locking mechanism in the base itself.

i don't use any force so something there is missing. can't be the top lid as it just covers them?