Help I Dunno What Games To Get!

I really dont know what games to get on the steam sale. Please help. 

I really want to get dark souls though

Well what genre of games do you play the most? And have the most fun with?


But in all seriousness I would say some indie games or anything that looks appealing to you

To be honest i havent found the steam sale anything special this year :/

If you haven't gotten Bioshock yet then you can get all 3 for $20

If you're going to buy Dark Souls. Be sure to have an Xbox 360 controller. They unfortunately didn't optimize the controls for the PC. The key bindings are absolutely awful. I don't think the resolution can even be set too 1080p :[

Just browse the Steam Sales, there's been hundreds of deals. Some may stand out to you more than me at least :p

Cheers, Nitrika

there is the Dsfix mod, its a must have, can set resolution higher, borderless fullscreen, unlock framerate to 60 (usually locked to 30) and skip intro screens.

but you really need a xbox 360 controller to play it!

Ah okay, I'll have a look into this, cheers.