Help! - Guys is this good for gaming at 4k?

Hi guys I wanna game at 4k would this rig be powerful enough to do that ? Also I am trying to with the red & black theme cause I think that'd look super cool so do yall think the case I have selected (Phanteks Enthoo Primo) would ruin the whole theme I tryna go with or nah ? it is brushed aluminum

Note - I can get the monitor for a discount because of where I work at now (we can buy some stuff for 5% more than what the company pays to get that stuff but the reason why I can't buy all the parts from there is because we don't have them for example we don't even have the 970 or the 980 graphics cards all we have are the 780ti's & 290x's but they are still charging 729$ for them lol so thats why I can't buy everything from there) 

Also a big thanks to all of you guys last January I was working at Pizzahut (minimum wage) but bc of all the knowledge I have acquired from all of yall I am now making 10.50 (19 year old college going kid)

 so thanks a lot Tek Syndicate!

True  and pleasing 4k gaming is not a reality just yet ... maybe in a year they will have better panels out ... to drive a good 4k monitor you will need some major GPU power ... dual GTX780Tis may get close .... & same with dual R9 290x setups. Time will tell.

We can't see your parts list because you just linked to the partslist page. You need to use the permalink.

Anyway, I'd recommend at least an i5 and then two R9 290x's (as they're still the best cards for 4k). I'd wait for the R9 390x though, as two of those might be able to run 4k very well.

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My bad guys here it is 

Yeah me too I am thinking about just buying the crucial components first & I'd wait till 390x comes out & for the 980ti I think the 390x is also watercooled out of the box so prolly is better 

You could always carry over a GPU from a previous build, buy a throwaway (probably used) GPU, or just use the iGPU to try and play at 1080p until you can get a couple 390x's/980 Ti's.

I think that is the best idea at the moment. The 980 isn't a significant improvement over prior tech at 4k, so hopefully with a release in Q1 2015 we'll see a large improvement.