Help getting Ubuntu 22.04 to Kernel 6.x with ZFS Support

Current Setup:
Ubuntu 22.02 / ZFS on Root / Dracut / ZFS Boot Menu

Works fantastic, this is my standard build template for all my home lab systems (built via Ansible roles).

I have acquired some Z690 motherboards with Intel 13th Gen CPUs. I’m looking to update my existing kernel with ZFS support to a version 6.0 or higher to take advantage of the Raptor Lake support.

Based on my research, the main way to acquire updated kernels on Ubuntu:

  1. mainline kernels - these do not have ZFS support.

  2. Switch to ppa:jonathonf/zfs and zfs-dkms modules with newer kernels. Unfortunately Jonathon Fernyhough died January 2023 and the PPA only support up to ZFS 2.1.6 (kernel 5.19). I’m not aware of any newer PPA that has taken over this project.

  3. Compile ZFS support from source. While I haven’t tried this, the guides I found started with unmounting your datasets and pools. I assume there is a reason for that, but when using ZFS on Root that really isn’t an option.

  • I know the future path of Ubuntu and ZFS is questionable.
  • I know I can disable E-cores in BIOS should these become an issue.
  • I’m NOT looking for comments on alternate OS to use.

I’m looking for a path to get an existing Ubuntu 22.04 bumped to 6.x kernels and ZFS support. Google has not been my friend on this quest. Heck, I even asked ChatGPT who told me “As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Ubuntu 22.04 was not yet released.” and “as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there was no Ubuntu kernel version 6.1 available.” So that went nowhere.

Any other guides or threads on this topic? or helpful suggestions.

Thanks in advance.