Help getting a replacement fan for HP laptop

I have an hp dv6t 3100 laptop and im trying to replace the fan because its acting up and making buzzing and vibrating noises. But the hp certified fan with cooling unit is $40 - $90 everywhere I look. Can I get just the fan? and are there any good third party fans out there for cheaper than that? I really dont want to pay $40 for a low power laptop fan.

the model number/part number is 603691-001


Does anyone know where I can find specs on this fan? I have found some information on it but I dont know all the specs for this fan and I really dont want to get one that is going to burn outmy motherboard or anything like that.

scan the bar code on the fan with your android and you'll find it in no time. Usually, these fans are available for under 20 USD online from computer parts distributors.

EDIT: on second thought, it's probably even cheaper:

Hey thanks ive been looking all over for spcs on sthis fan and such and havent been finding much.

Do you know if there is anyone who sells these in the US? I would rather not wait 26 days for ir but if its the only place I can get it for less than $40 I guess ill have to get it from them,.


I'm not from the US, so my search fu from over the pond is probably weaker than yours lol

But I just checked the official HP parts listing, and it should be available for about 26 USD in the US.

You've been searching for the cooling assembly part number, there is a separate part number on the fan itself.

I do have to say though, that there is a reason why the entire heatsink assembly is sold in one piece. You can recycle the heatpipes, but the TIM solidifies and has to be changed after a while. The CPU and GPU should both have TIM. If your GPU has a thermal pad instead, you'll have to get a new pad of the same specs (the metallic one, not the white ones), but I think it has TIM. The fan also connects to the heatsink with a piece of black tape, and when you undo the fan, that tape is not recyclable anymore because it won't stick. You can replace it with another piece of tape of exactly the same size (that is important) and specification (it's a kind of light stovepipe tape, that doesn't melt with heat, with extra strong glue on it, whatever tape you use, it has to be able to withstand 105 °C and stay in place even with the fan blowing at maximum rpm).

The fan is actually pretty standard, and you can get fans with the same spec from just about anywhere, so it would surprise me if a replacement fan weren't available from a US distributor. Did you try online electronics stores?

I have tried some online electric stores and they all tend to be a bit pricy. Instead I took apart my computer and reapplied the thermal paste and lubed the fan. And now my computer is getting significantly more air flow. Since the fan was the kind that doesnt actually have any moving parts Im thinking the ratteling sound was from a screw that I thought was stripped in one of the panels. turns out it just wasnt seated correctly. Im not having any fan buzzing problems yet but I just got it reassembled. And it turns out that the fan that Was in my computer was completely different from the one in the manual anyways.