Help for my HP dv6 6121tx gaming graphics (hd6770m) issue?

 I am facing this problem ever since i hav formatted my laptop (June 2011 model) due to slowing down issue using a cracked win7 64 bit ultimate (i had home premium previously). Everything else is running perfectly fine. I hav installed all the necessary drivers and the same version of the graphics card (hd6770m) drivers as in my previous setting.. But now when im running games they are giving poor performance (getting stuck for abt 1 second every now and then) which didnt happen before. I am able to run Switchable graphics etc.. When im running dxdiag its showing "Intel HD graphics family". I wonder if it is the same in other machines too (I cant remember wht it showed previously) And its showing Direct Draw, direct 3d and AGP Texture acceleration enabled. Can anyone provide a solution for the gaming issue?

Sigh... I know this card all too well. In short. Anyways try going to HP's website and using the OEM driver. It fixed the issues on the windows side of my dual boot.