Help for choosing my new IPS

Hi all, like the subject says, I'm looking at a shiny new IPS monitor for Maya, photoshop, movies, netflix streaming, gaming (non-competitive) so pretty much everything. Currently I'm leaning towards the Eizo FS2333 which seems perfect - apart from having apparently less good black levels or contrast which I'm not really that worried about as it probably still destroys my current monitor. (Hannsg HG216D) To clarify, I'm looking for 16:9 despite my content creation needs.

I'm in the UK and I'm looking at some Asus IPS as well. The Eizo is still more expensive at around £280 (amazon pricing). I've been researching and narrowed my choices down to :-

Eizo FS2333 (£280)

Asus PB238Q (£190)

Asus VN248H (£170)

LG 24EA53VQ (£130)

What I'm looking for is the response times and any serious problems with colour or quality control. Like I mentioned, the Eizo seems perfect with 3.4ms response and all the other gadgets going on. I just wonder if I can get the same quality without the bells and whistles with one of these other monitors. Also, I would prefer a 24" screen over a 23" but I'm happy to compromise.

Thanks for reading!

I would prefer a 24" screen over a 23" but I'm happy to compromise.

24" IPS monitor would have 16:10 aspect ratio. I don't think there are 16:9 24" IPS panels. 16:10 is good for productivity though. The bad thing about it is that you pay way more for the panel of same quality.

For example, Dell U2312HM (16:9) is £160 while Dell U2412M (16:10) is £220, panel is the same.

If I were you, I would just grab this one:

Also, you'll need to calibrate any of them if you want to use them for serious work in Photoshop.

Color reproduction on U2312HM is really good after calibration.

Thanks for the suggestion. I won't be doing any serious professional work - I'm only making up a showreel for junior vfx and just wanted a better screen for it and just the benefits of IPS in general. This is also why I'm not looking for 16:10. I don't specifically need any amount of colour coverage although I will have to look into calibration as I know almost nothing about it. 

Then that one suits you really good.

If you are not doing any professional work, you can calibrate it manually using something like lutcurve or CLTest. Just fix the white point so that it looks whiter than it was (I have two of U2312HM and from the box one was yellow-ish and other was red-ish) and adjust gamma using a test image.

Although it would be good if you could borrow a colorimeter from someone.

I also recommend turning off overdrive on U2312HM because compensation creates more visible signs of response time than it removes.

Seems like a solid choice. I am concerned about response times though. I plan to be using this monitor for many years even with oled round the corner so if it's worth the extra money for better specs then I'll pay it. Would be unhappy if I had any problems with it!

Well, response time on any IPS will be more than on TN. In case of U2312HM, they are slightly noticeable, but nothing that will actually hinder gaming.


Or the VX239H

response time on any IPS will be more than on TN

Of course. However this is why the Eizo is such an attractive option to me - it ticks all the boxes. The dell is an interesting option though. I will definitely look into it!


Or the VX239H

Can you give some information for why you recommended these 2 monitors please?

I have an 1440p ASUS IPS, the PB278Q, and generally recommend ASUS panels. The reason I chose the VN and VX is because of the aestethic, and they are in your price range.

I don't know much about the Eizo, but it seems over priced. That's an additional £100 you could put to something else. The response time won't be noticeable. So ASUS or Dell would be suitable, because they are at a lower price point. Response times are never accurate anyway. Eizo probably found a way to certify their response times lower, when in reality, they are the same as other panels.

Too bad there are no reviews of Asus VX239H, or any monitor with the same panel, for that matter.

I would personally get Dell because of adjustable stand and vesa mount.