[Help] First PC


Hello, Im new here and also to PC gaming and would like some advice building my first PC


  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend? $1000 or cheaper
  • Where do you live (what country),  and what currency do you use? I live in U.S
  •   -Is there a retailer you prefer? not really
  • Do you need or already have peripherals? (this can add to costs) my old keyboard and mouse still work so ill re-use them, maybe need new monitor
  • What will you be using your future computer for? Gaming? Rendering? Mix of both? Or is this a home media PC? Just gaming and other things
  • Do you overclock or want to get into overclocking?
  • Do you plan on going for custom watercooling now, or in the future?
  • OS. Do you need a new one? I want to try windows 7 or 8 i have Vista lol

If you Game-

  • What kind of settings do you like or what FPS do you want to play at? High/Ultra 60+ FPS
  • What resolution will you be playing at? //or would like to play at. 1080p
  • What kind of games do you like to play? I play DotA 2 alot and sometimes some MMOs
  • What specific game will you be playing (if you only really play one)

Also i arealdy have AMD FX 8350 black edition, refurbished WD Hard drive 2TB 7200 RMP 64mb cache, Fractal design r4 ATX mid tower case. Also planning to buy either a r9 270x or r9 280 Card also would prefer an AMD motherboard for my AMD CPU and AMD graphics card.



I assume you left some stuff blank because you didn't know what they were.

Also, not sure if the parts you listed were supposed to be included in the $1k or not.


thanks for the reply and yes the parts 3 parts are included to the budget also those were left blank becuase im not familliar with them lol

oh and does it matter if i get an SSD or not? and would i still be able to play some games like bioshock infinite in high/ultra settings with decent FPS if i go for a r9 270x or r9 280/x instead of r9 290 like you suggested.


 i just read some reviews on the cards and i think i would like to downgrade on the r9 290 and instead spend some on cooling/fans esp since its very hot and humid where i live

If the 3 parts you have are included in the budget, then here's what I'd suggest[FX-8350, Define R4 Blackout, and 2TB WD RE4 are placeholders/price estimates (don't buy them again lol)]:


SSDs will improve overall "snappiness" during daily use, but once your game boots up there's little to no difference in framerate.

Thanks for the help! also can you suggest a replacement for the stock cpu cooler? i keep stumbling on people saying good things but have temp/heat problems

and yes i wont buy those 3 parts again XD

A Hyper 212 Evo or Hyper 212 Plus should cool nicely.