Help finding a high airflow ATX case

So I'm looking for a new case for my next build, I'll be using 390X CF so I want something with good airflow to keep the GPUs cool.

So far I'm looking at

I really wanted the last one, but the glass windows and only 3.5" bays for a case that size really put me off.

what do you guys suggest? (bonus points for a black, white or black and white case)

The Corsair Obsidian 450D looks good to me.

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I'm just worried by its lack of dust filters.

Then you might want to take a look at the SilentBase 800

hmm adding that one to the list for sure.

I think the three I'm really looking at now are

I really like how you look for high airflow case, and the three you are looking at have closed restricted front intakes.
Before anyone tries to tell me they breath just fine, I would say look at this case and tell me why this one breaths better...

hmm I have an R5 right now and I really don't like fractal after it.

I'm thinking of a H440 because of its 3 intake fans, and sound dampening foam.

I don't like R5 either. May I ask why you don't like R5, because I think Arc Midi R2 is the best case they have ever made. I am just curious to know what you dislike in R5...
H440 is famous for it's bad airflow. It is my favorite case, the H440, but it really have bad airflow. It is really restricted.

Poor quality, sound dampening that doesn't work, cramped, hard to rout CPU power cables.

Get yourself the Enthoo Pro, get rid of the 200mm front fan and add 3x140 intakes and 1 extra 140 exhaust, set them all at 7 or even 5V and stay quiet while having massive airflow inside the case. Like I did...
Edit: some people say the 200mm intake is noisy. That is why I said get rid of it...


My main system is in a nanoxia deep silence 5. 2x 140mm front, 2x 140mm top, 1x 140mm bottom and 1x 140mm back. I removed all cages, using only the 5,25 for drives (with hotswap bays).

I cannot speak about the nanoxia fans though, I always switch everything to noctua.

sadly its too expensive :/

The deep silence 5 should be pretty much the same price as all the others from your list.

It starts at $200 here. the others are $150~ or so.

Crap. Got mine for 120,- Euro and only checked 'murica prices....

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If you are willing to experiment with form factors and stuff check this out:
Cooler Master HAF XB Evo. It is really good case, because of the horizontal motherboard, so the gpu can't weigh in on the slot, nor the CPU cooler can damage the board. It's really nice. It's weird form and it have its issues, so yeah...

I have been very interested in getting a case like that, the only problem is coolermaster and their very poor aesthetics

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