Help finding 15" Laptop 2gb graphics $1200 max

I've been needing a new laptop and want it to last quite a while. I want it to be pretty well at handling games like chivalry. Specs I'd like would be:

-Backlit keyboard

-HD screen

-6 GB Ram

-2gb (maybe 1gb?) graphics card

-15" laptop

-3rd gen i5?

-7200 rpm hard drive 500gb should be more than enough




Thanks so much in advance for helping me out. I hope I posted this in the right place.

or look at all of them

cant realy beat clevo/sager for price, I love my p170em and a lot of people like the 15in version but shop around there are a bunch of places that sell the same laptop with different prices like malibal/origin/xoticpc/mythlogic and a few more that i cant think of right now

Right here bro, MSI laptops kick ass for gaming.  And this one has 8GB of RAM, along with a beastly i7

No backlit keyboard unfortunately, but imo the specs and price make up for it.

Dude holy crap thanks a ton! I just ordered that beast!

No problem!  Finding deals is my hobby :P

I've also had good support experiences with MSI, so if you have any problems or questions they're pretty nice about it :)