HELP evga x58 sli micro, can't remove video card

So for starters the computer was not build by me...

My mothers computer, managed to snap a fan on the OLD galaxy GTX460 video card, 

So I need to remove it from, the mobo (Evga X58 Sli micro)

I seem to have "Austin powered" it. The card cannot move toward the front of the case because of the pcie slots, and I can't move the card to the right side of the case because the Dvi pots at the back hit the side of the case.

So how the Hell do I get it out, I just spent half and hour got really annoyed and have turned to you guys for help

Lastly when I do finally get it out what should I replace it with?, the computer only get used for web browsing and some Auto Cad work, and it needs to be the same size as the case is quite small, and I don't have a lot of room to move..

Thanks in advance Guys & Girls 


You have a very odd situation ;) I'm not sure how you're going to be able to get that card out, all i can say is, make sure you've pushed the PCI locking tab down, if the Micro has that, from the images i've seen, it does seem to.

For a replacement card, Im not sure on your budget, but judging by the work load im assuming it a fairly low budget. Maybe its worth looking into an AMD FirePro, i found the V4900 1GB version for £115 ( or you could look into a more "gaming-grade" card and take use of the VRAM and clock speeds for the CAD work. You can pick up AMD 260x's and GTX 750s for around the £100 mark, or even 5XX0 series cards from AMD for around £50.

make sure you've pushed the PCI locking tab down

Ditto.  I've had trouble in the past getting it out.  Apply some force don't worry too much.  Push that tab :)

Yea I have been pushing the locking tab down and using a fair amount of force, it just dose not want to budge, I know its a weird problem ah.

Silly design for the locking tab IMO

I will keep at it.

Actually now that I think about it...I remember pulling the tab away from the card and that helped me get it out.  The tab was stuck on the locking mechanism on the card.