Help - Drive Permissions / hidden files

So I pulled an old HDD out of my Dad's laptop we wanted to get some old files off it. So I use an adapter to pung it in via USB into my computer, no when I go into the Drive/users when I open it I get a pop up saying...

"You don't currently have permission to access this folder"
"click continue to permanently get access to this folder"

I assume this is happening because that use had a password thus not allowing us access.

So my question is: When I click continue and get into the folder and I see everything, do I have full permission or dose Windows hide files, because some files seem to be empty...

You should be getting full access. Right click the folder and select properties then click the security tab to check it out. If his user folder was encrypted that could be a problem for you.

Because he is seeing the folders I dont think that there encrypted. But I think your dad had an password on his account and the option protect personal files has been enabled. This means that the security of the folders is different. This can be overcome by:
1. Right click on the folder, "properties"
2. Click the tap "Security"
3. Click on the "Advanced" button
4. Click on the "Owner" Tap and make yourself the owner of the folder.
5. Then reopen this window and take step 1 to 3 again and add yourself with full control permissions and wait..... a while

Now you can access and edit all the files, but you can get in trouble when you boot up the system on that HDD so make a backup if you can!