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Help dead vega 64

Hi there, I have recently just built my first pc.
I bought a used gigabyte reference vega64 off ebay and the heatsink for it was completely damaged, causing overheating. After ripping on it a little, it looked like this.

So I then decided to take matters into my own hands and I attached my cpu liquid cooler to it.

I plugged the card in and it ran far better. ~50 degrees C at ~150W load of furmark for a few mins

Sadly, afterwards , I decided to leave the computer unattended and turned on at idle for over an hour and by the time I come back the card is just dead. No video output, No GPUTach LEDs, it won’t get past BIOS and I can’t feel the card warm up when i turn on the PC

Is there any way I can fix this issue and of not, will I be able to get gigabyte to RMA the card?

Did you cool the memory and vrms at all? If the power distribution cooked then you have probably toasted the card.

You say you bought it “off eBay”. I take it this wasn’t a retailer? For RMA you usually need proof of original purchase.


your VRMs overheated, you need heatsinks and fans on them
try turning it on now that its had a chance to cool off


I’ve already tried rebooting the card. And nothing happens. I highly suspect you’re right in that I toasted my VRMs since they were running at about 96 degrees C under 150W load when I first booted the card up.

Guess I should’ve been more patient and waited for a delivery of heatsinks to come in.
Im the UK and we’re currently under lockdown again :joy:, so the local hardware shops are shut.

Anyways, thank you, I have messaged the eBay seller for the purchase invoice and also gigabytes UK rma dept ([email protected]). Hopefully they get back to me and i’ll see what I can do.

If only they had fully integrated voltage regulators (FIVR) on gpus :joy::joy::joy:. I seen some patents from amd about that though for future zen products

Would make them uncoolable. Imagine if the 3080s 600mm² die with its 300W power draw was to output another 50W from VRM switching.
Run it in oil submersion of not run it at all.