Help choosing workstation platform > 64GB DDR4 RAM


I’m currently running a 4930k setup with 48GB of DDR3 RAM and I’m looking to upgrade the CPU, RAM and motherboard to be able to use DDR4 memory. My workload is primarly RAM intensive and utilizes one CPU core ~95% of the time and bursts up to 4 cores for the remainder (FPGA design tools). Because of this single-core performance and L2/L3 cache size plays a big impact on performance for me.

Any reconmmendations on what CPU/platform I should be looking at that can support > 64GB of DDR4 RAM? I was hoping to keep the CPU and MOBO cost under £1100.00 GBP so please keep this is mind!

Cheers berwick53 :slight_smile:

Well since your tasks are mainlly memory intensive,
you best choice would be either X299 or Threadripper X399.
Ryzen could also be an option, but i guess you might be going to be a bit limmited,
on memory bandwith with Ryzen maybe.
If you workloads are really that memory intensive, then quadchannel memory support could be a benefit.

X299 intel cpu´s have higher boost clocks over AMD threadripper chips.
BUt the L2 cache on X299 unfortunatlly is gimped abit.

The platforms that can handle more than 64 GB of DDR4 are Intel’s X99, X299, C612, and C62x as well as AMD’s X399.

Right now, at least in the States, X99 is really cheap, but that chipset is being superceded by X299. The problem with X299 is that Intel nerfed the cache on the processors that work with that chipset. So with X99 you get more cache, but an outdated chipset. X299 you get better IPC, but less cache. Some CPUs on X299 also max out on 64 GB of memory.

AMD Threadripper processors have plenty of cache and are a modern socket, but their single core performance is a little behind Intel.

In short, if the processor speed plays a major role I would probably go Intel. If it does not, then you would probably be fine going with whatever is the best value in your area. All the motherboard chipsets I listed support more than 64 GB of RAM (with the X299 caveat), so I don’t think you’d go wrong with either.