Help choosing power supply for new build

Hey all, building a new system and would love some input if anyone has any experience with the following choices.
Firstly, the build:
i7 4770 (non k)
Asus Z97M-PRO
2 x 4Gb Kingston HyperX BLU
Sapphire R9 280x (I want enough power to be able to add a second in CrossFire later on)

Choices for P/S:

I'm open to any other suggestions but I'm thinkin 750W is the sweet spot for when I need to add the 2nd R9 280x.

EVGA supernova g2 750watt is pretty much the best on the market price/value wise

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The XFX psu is a seasonic M12 with a sticker on it (thay are basically the same units) thay are both better than the CS units but are rather old and do not support haswell low power states.

@cooperman I thought so too, but then I checked XFX website

It says Haswell ready.
Even the Seasonic website for that P/S says Haswell ready

@jfing14 sorry I forgot to mention that $100 is my budget.

Unless you like the orange sticker on the Seasonic, I would go with the XFX. The Corsair was never designed to be a gaming PSU.

Edit: You can buy the XFX PSU on Newegg for $70 after rebate.

@Meekoman25 I think that's the Core version which is 80+ bronze.
This one is Gold certified. From some videos online it does support the C6/C7 Haswell CPU states.

Thay recently unpaded then for haswell your just going to have to be lucky you dont get a older one off a shelf.
Not supported for haswell low power states dosent meen it whont work its just the psu may switch off if you leave the computer idle with the C states on because of the very low power mode.

If I do get an older one, is there any way to disable these low power states in the UEFI? I currently have a 95W AMD which runs basically 24x7, so I really don't care much for low power states. Even at max power the 4770 is 84W so it's less than my Phenom.

Yes you can just disable low power modes in the bios if you whant
Haswell cpu's can down clock and go in to a low power mode that use less than 5w if C states are enabled

Noice... thanks much, I think I'll go with this XFX. 750W, 80+ Gold and under $100 plus it has the silent fan when under 20% load...
Thanks much to all