Help choose a graphic card out 3 (please)

can somebody tell witch one is better out this 3?


Not that this is going to be any help but as you probably already know, Logan did a review of a 280x Twin Frozer and got some awesome results. I'm sure you can get some pretty good results with the 270x as well.

but any idea which one should i get the msi one or the gig one with the 3 fans 

Id go with whatever would look best in your build because performance will come down to the silicon lottery.

They're all the same card? I heard good things about both MSi and Gigabytes customer service. I have personal experience with Gigabytes and they did awesome. I suppose it would just come down to personal preference. Whatever look/color you like go ahead and get.

personally I would go with the hawk and oc it as much as possible otherwise if you are not that into overclocking go with the msi gaming edition

The Hawk would be better.

But in reality, there shouldn't be much difference.  Gigabyte cards are voltage locked, though!

thanks everyone ill get the hawk