Help! Boot after sleep, windows swaps default monitor

When my computer awakes from sleep/hibernate mode, it ignores the default settings for my displayPort monitor to be my primary monitor, and instead choses my TV which is connected to my computer via HDMI.

If I unplug my displayport monitor and plug it back in, windows seems to recognize it and switch it back to the default monitor (without any prompting or anything).

Any thoughts on this? Is it OS, video card (asus direct CUII 660), or the monitor (Asus PB278Q) firmware perhaps?


I assume the monitor is asleep as well? It sounds like it is not waking up quickly enough and the PC thinks the TV is the only one connected. Have you tried switching the TV off and then switching it on only after the PC and monitor is awake?

Yah, the monitor is asleep as well. If I unplug my TV from the HDMI I don't have a problem with the displayport monitor not waking up...but that's not an ideal solution, because I watch stuff through my TV a decent amount.

I'm tempted to try to used a dual-link DVI connector for the monitor and see if the issue persists...but still this is odd...I would have thought that displayPort would be more capable than this...

Of course the most annoying thing is this happens 50% of the time. Some times the displayPort monitor fires up as the main monitor, other times the TV gets swapped in its place...

Sounds odd. I'd try different cables, and maybe a Live DVD to see if the problem is still there with a completely different software stack.