(HELP) Battlefield 3 PC build

Hi Tek forums. I have been wanting to move from console to PC for over a year now and I have finally managed to save some money. I can afford a cheap build but I am unsure if it will run Battlefield 3 at decent settings 40+ fps. Could a kind lad or lassie share their PC knowledge with me. The build is as follows

Case - Zalman Z9 plus

Mobo - Asrock 970 Extreme 3

CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 955 black edition

GPU - ASUS Radeon 7750 1GB GDDR5

RAM - Crucial Ballistix 8GB DDR3 1600/9/1.5v

PSU - Seasonic 520 Watt ATX 80+ Certified

HDD + Optical Drive not important

What will be your budget? Also what is your screen resolution?

Drop the 7750 and get a 6870. It will perform better at bf3. Also upgrade to a 550watt psu

If you're switching straight from console I really suggest some PC exclusives before going right to Bf3!

Counter strike-CS;GO, Half life 1&2, Day Z, TF2, and Blacklight Retribution are all cheap and really fun, like when I had a setup I played those more than Bf3 by far.

What's your full budget for this tower? We could probably manage the money a little nicer.






What's your budget? Because this build is pretty weak. 

and planet side 2, awesome  game, and its f2p

Thank you very much for your responses. My screen can support up tp 1080p. As for my budget. I have 500 Euro max! I live in Ireland and parts here are no where near as cheap as the US. See for yourself at CustomPC.ie that is the main Irish site.

My budget is 500 Euro max! Parts in Ireland are not as cheap as the US either. Check out CustomPC.ie and you shall see. I can upgrade slowly for future games but this is just a basic PC that will allow me to run this years games and previous games.

Try dabs.ie great irish website