Help assembling new PC for 3D programs: Sketchup 2013 - Lumion 3 - PhotoshopCS6 800/900 €

Hello to all.
First, I tell you that I live in Italy so the components will be bought here.
I can not buy from sites like Newegg or from sites abroad.

I need help I have to assemble a new PC for use with these 3D programs:

Sketcup 2013
Lumion 3
Photoshop CS6 

Even VRayRT and V-Ray for SketchUp, but less often.

Budget 800/900 Euro excluding the monitor.

I'm more inclined to Intel and nVidia,
Already has Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64
And a Barracuda 1TB HDD.

I have many doubts about the components:

CPU: i5 3570K or i7 3770K or something?
It seems to me that SketchUp uses only 1 core if I'm not mistaken then OC should help.

CPU Cooler: 212 EVO or Noctua NH-D14 or some type Watercooling H55 or H60?

MoBo: Asus or AsRock?

GPU: GTX 500/600 (570/580/660/670)
I saw that Lumion recommend the GTX 600

SPU: Corsair / XFX? (550W / 600W / 650W - TX / CS - No LSI)

RAM: I believe that as a minimum and 8Gb.
Corsair / G.Skill / Kingston I think they are the most obvious choices.

Case: Corsair 200R
It's cheap, I like it and I think it's fine.

Total cost Max 900 Euro but less would be better.

Monitor: a 20 or 22 HD dvi believe that I find with 80 max 100 euro more, even used.

I do not care that it is silent but effective and cheap!

Thanks again.

You're honestly not going to need a processor like the 3570k, you'd be best to drop to a I3 or a lower end I5. Those processors are going to be wasted, you won't put enough stress on them to get the monetary worth out of them.

For a cooler, you'd be just fine with a stock one that comes with the processor, you are not gaming, the processor isn't going to reach its heat level anytime soon. 

For a graphics card, for your uses I would recommend a workstation card like a Firepro or a Quadro, you could for last generation to save money. If you don't want to drop that much money on a card, get a 650ti Boost or 7850 in 2gb configuration and you'll be fine. 

Any Corsair, Coolermaster, or LSP's are decent, or XFX at 650W will suit your needs.

Ram? Get Gskill, they are really nice and have low latency.


But in all honesty, you could save a lot of money grabbing yourself a A10-6800k, yeah you might like Nvidia and Intel, but for what you're it for, you won't need too much power. This option has the ability to cut your costs by half, and guess what, you now have $400+ to spend on other things. 

lol if you want to watch that new pc piss it's self in fear then yeah go for it get an i3 or an A10.....

it's kinda weird how lumion favors geforce over quadro, firepro and radeon. 

also your software you want to use is openGL based other than Adobe witch now has OpenCL support too but other than that you should go Nvidia.

Frist Thanx for the answer

I was thinking... if sketchup use only one CPU it will be better an K series or at least a CPU with an High speed and more Chache?
I don't usually edit very High comlex model but not even very symle one.
An example of sketchup file may be: 3.640.773 Edges, 616.694 Faces, 322 Materilas.
My choise was the i5-3570K for the K and for the fact that it cost less than the i7
and a Good / Cheap Cooling like the 212 EVO for 4.2GHz.

The i3 isnt slow for the minimum system request of Sketchup?

I dont know mutch about the AMD series but have the FX series have High speed MHz and High Heat as well.
For the Price:
The i5-3570K 3.8 GHz ( 77W ) is around 200 Euro,
The FX-8350 4.0 GHz 8Mb ( 125W !!!! ) cost is 180 Euro and
The A-5800K 4.2 GHz ( 100W ) 120 Euro, is fast but has only 4Mb Cache.
The FX-9370 4.4/4.7GHz 8Mb ( 220W not even considering )

I have done my homework but i dont trust numbers instead expirience.
Thats why i need help.

For the GPU, in the Lumion site they dont recomend the Workstation Card.
A GTX 670 2GB with a 256bit Memory Interface and 1344 CUDA Cores for about 270 Euro but if i can spend less for the other part like CPU / PSU / MoBo maybe a better one ??

I think i need an Fast Single Core CPU for sketchup only and a Very Good GPU for Lumion that can fit in my budget but I cant decide becouse i have no experience in PC building.


first off what country you from and what retailers are you looking at? if you don't mind me asking.

As for sketchup no you don't need much hardware wise to run it from what iv seen compared to lumion and Adobe. but like you have stated you need a good gpu for lumion witch is true. so here's the thing the reason you need something like an I5 impaticular at the least is so you can actually fully uttilise something like a 670 or even what i would reccomend 760. otherwise the gpu will go to waste.

 As far as the whole GHZ thing goes, it come's down to architecture of the cpu first wich intel has the superior one anyhow then the clockspeed is the afterthought at first glance. you sound like you dont wan't a cpu that drinks energy. so intel it is anyway (energy ain't cheap in the uk and europe anyway espicially when you paying the bills lol)

Next thing is whether you wan't to overclock or not and even when, going by what you have said so far you seem interested in doing this. to clarify the k series vs non k series thing it's simple k series simply mean's the cpu has the multiplyer unlocked witch means you can overclock it, that literaly it. now providing you want to do this or not will affect your budget either way.

If you do then i would suggest getting a good motherboard, gpu, RAM ETC ETC and hold off on the heatsink for your initial system purchase use the money from the heatsink and throw it at the other parts first and just use the stock one to begin with. after a few weeks or months or whatever grab your nice shiney heatsink then and start overclcocking then.

thanos Thanks for the answer.

I'm from italy and the sites that i can use are:


For the GPU: I thought the 670 for the 200+ CUDA cores.

GTX 670: 915 MHz 1344 CUDA

GTX 760: 1085 MHz 1152 CUDA

Both around 250 Euro

GTX 680 / GTX 770:1000MHz 1536 CUDA

350 Euro


For the CPU:

The OC is just correlated to Sketchup. Since SkU use only one Core it needs to have a good GHz. Correct me if i'm wrong. 
If you think i don't need to OC, or better to say Sketchup won't benefits from OC, it's fine for me.


i5-3570K 3.8 6Mb 200 Euro.

i5-3570S 3.8 6Mb 180 E.

i5-2500K 3.7 6Mb 180 E.

i5-3550 3.7 6Mb 170 E.

i3-3250 3.5 3Mb 140 E.

P4-G2140 3.3 3Mb 90 E.

P4-G870 3.1 3Mb 70 E.

PD-D945 3.4 4Mb 60 E.

PE-E6800 3.3 2Mb 70 E.




FX-8350 - 4.2 8Mb L3 170 E.

A10-6800k 4.4 4Mb L2 140 E.

FX-4170 4.3 8MB L3 130 E.

FX-6300 4.1 8Mb L3 110 E.

A8-6600K 3.9 4Mb L2 105 E.

FX-4300 3,8 4Mb L2 100 E.

FX-4130 3,8 4Mb L2 90 E.

FX-4100 3,6 8Mb L3 80 E

A8-3870K 3.0 4Mb L2 80 E


Maybe a normal i5 and a H77 MoBo can help to save some money, at least 30/40 Euro that are going for the GPU? As long as sketchup runs well with it its OK for me :) .

So any idea what can i pick?

going by the performance benches the 760 pretty much matches the 670 in performance its an arcitecture thing. as for overclocking and sketchup yeah it would help. but the oc performance will help more with lumion, vray and photoshop. but with your budget and with consideration to the fact you already own HDD and OS this is what i would get:

this will meet your needs, yes it costs more and maxis out your 900 euro budget as its an overclocking set up but you get what you pay for. but it is expandible and will run everything butter smooth. you will most likely want to add more ram in the future and even go over to an ssd as your boot drive. but for now this will do. what's your thoghts?

Thanx thanos.

GPU:  Totaly agree for the 770.

Like the 700 series, but i was thinking to add 10 Euro more and grab the ASUS DC2OC.

I read better reviews and usualy in my mind i go in this order 1)ASUS 2)eVGA 3)MSI 4)Gigabyte, but if im short in the budget i will take te Gigabite.

For the CPU+Mobo: i have some doubt. If i take the H77 i will not be able to OC the i5K. :( .  I found the Z77 for 90 Euro.

Any good AsRock or GIGABYTE alternative maybe cheaper?

CPU Cooler: what do you think about C.M. 212 EVO.
Cost less, about 30 Euro and it's very good rated.
Can OC the i5K about 4.3 MHz easily as i read.

And the Case i realy like the Corsair 200R its about 50Euro.
10 more than your proposition.

PSU: Like the XFX but are 750W a little much?
Maybe i can spend a little less money with a 600 or a 650W. I know it depend very much from OC or not. Can i trust the ? Continuous to tell me i have to use 850W in 96% with an OC configuration ?!?!

And for the AMD CPU series?
I think AMD is a better choice for a Multi Core instead Single Core performance.
The A10-6800k 4.4 4Mb L2 for 140 Euro and the A8-6600K 3.9 4Mb L2 100 Euro are not bad for the mone. Not as good as i5K anyway. Should i give it a try? Any suggestions?


Thanx Again

Oh balls yeah my bad you need a Z77 board to oc on, pick one you like and run it by me on here if you want.

the case i went with is to meet your needs but to remain within the budget, But if you want to dish out the extra for the corsair then go for it. it's a good case i have only heard good things about it i have no qualms with your prefrence.

as for the graphics card thing there is no real difference between each company product quality wise, it's more subjective it terms of what cooling and performance you want out of you card. all in all go asus if you like i just grabbed the gigabyte to fit the budget. they are all equally good companies.

the thing is yes AMD have more cores and in theory should have better multicore support because of this, but in reality 2 amd piledriver cores struggle to keep up with 1 intel core on ivybridge espicially in what your doing witch is CAD and 3D modelling. i would stick with the intel option. you pay extra yes but you get more.

Also for your budget, apu systems should be a no go, you can afford way better perfoming parts (that and the apu will not be able to drive a gtx 770 at all) apu's are based of the old phenom II stuff. witch has it's limits.

as for your heatsink 212 is a good choice and highly reputable one but the one i have chosen is better, noctua are a leading inovating company in fans and heatsinks, i would even say get a NH-D14 if you can afford it. once again up you.

the thing with the powersupply is yes you could get away with less wattage, but that is not the issue here. most powersupply below the 750 mark don't have the 6+8 pin power connectors you need for the 770 they mostly come with 6+6 conectors witch is not compatible with you graphics card. so you need a 750 at the least to have the right connector support to be able to hook it up. also ignore those PSU calculators they are not that acurate they always over estimate your needs.

Thanx thanos, you are being very helpful !

You are totally right about the PSU. I even consider that aspek. Now i'm searching for the right PSU with 2x(6+2-pin) or 1x(6-pin) +1x(8-pin).

I was thinking:

The GTX 770 cosume 230W and Recomend 600W PSU.                  

The CPU i5 and i7 about 77W but OC around 200/250W.

What will be my effective MINIMUM Power needed? 600, 650, 700W ?

I like Noctua NH-D14 to but is about 40 Euro more than the EVO :(.
I think i will stick with the 212 EVO in push-pull configuration for know investing the 40 Euro in the GPU.