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Help/Advice for an upgrade


I currently have a self-made PC that is in this case and has a similar build to what this guy made on PCPartPicker. One of the main differences is that I have a much older CPU (1st-gen intel i5 overclocked) and a much weaker video card (Nvidia GTX 760 reference).

At the time of creating my build I went with this video card due to it’s blower-style design which was recommended to keep the case at lower temperatures. After several years it has finally stopped being able to run newer games. I am in search of a more powerful card that might work for my build. If this is a bad or impractical idea due to thermals I’m open to buying a new case to transfer my system and my potential new video card into.

Other important info:

*I dualboot linux and would need the video card to be supported on Ubuntu.

*My budget it about $300 but I could make a little wiggle room if needed.

I am looking for advice as to where to go with this.

If you’re asking for a good GPU for that Silverstone case then I guess any mini gpus would do the job. there aren’t much blower type gpus these days anyway.

I found a Zotac GTX 1060 Mini for $169.99 or a EVGA GTX 1660 Ti for $274.99 both @ Amazon.

Be sure to check the card’s dimension before buying.