Help a Viking he miss a flaming Earth on his R4

Hey Logan and Wendell

Greetings from Denmark. Sorry in advance for poor grammar but moving on

so I got the R4 titanium edition With is the best cage for my monster but I discovered something I'm missing a flaming earth on the front. I have ask all the gnomes and the ghost of old but no one cut give me and answer to this flaming Earth of awesomeness so now I ask you can you help this viking from getting last piece of the puzzle before he butcher and conger England once again!!! rrraaagggghhhh

So what you are saying is that you expected it to come with the logo on it already? The flaming earth is the Tek Syndicate logo, Logan added it to his R4 after he got it. If you want one on your case, you will have to paint or engrave it yourself.

it was made as a joke I just hope that someone cut help me finding the logo :-) or maybe made it

Just google "razetheworld" and engrave that into the case