Help a premiere noob

I am trying to do a text mask effect in premiere for my footage, I am new to premiere so I need of help.

Sample footage is here for reference of the below…

Basically I am trying to get the text to appear behind the foreground mountain so when it moves up the text is revealed, I understand I need to use a mask but it seems when I mask out the text at the start when it overlays the foreground mountain and move key frames forward the the mask needs to move down too in order to reveal it, hope this makes sense.

Help appreciated, can supply the Premiere file to edit!

I encourage you to post in The Darkroom (Photography Discussion Mega-thread) about your experiences afterwards.

I’ve never heavily used the adobe workflow (primarily I use Resolve and Autodesk Smoke/Flame) but I can give you some general pointers:

  • You’ll probably be better suited using a compositor, like AfterEffects, Fusion, or a program like Maya or Blender to achieve this effect. They tend to have more robust masking and trackers than NLEs.
  • The easiest way to achieve a bounded text wipe is to motion track the scene, and add a matte control with a polygonal mask that dumps to the garbage matte.
  • Then, tie the polygon mask to your motion track, that way you don’t have to do any manual animation.
  • From here, You can either hide the text behind the garbage matte and manually sweep it up, or tie it to the motion track, merge it with a transparent plane and move it on the transparent plane to position it.
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