Help a friend

Hey guys, my friend is going to buy this pc, despite my advice. with the random shit upgrades he put in, it'll total to over 1800 dollars. ridiculous.

i told him i could build him a better one, for cheaper. so HERE''S A CHALLENGE. 

1. build him a better one, for cheaper. doesn't matter how much cheaper. just cheaper than 1250 bucks.

2. build him a better one, for the same price. i mean down to the dollar. still around 1250 bucks.

3. build him a god box for the 1800 dollars he would spend on it with the upgrades. blow it away.

you have your challenges, now is the time to prove your technical prowess and knowledge. blow this crap build out of the water!

much thanks guys. i'll show him the options you guys throw at me.

I win.


get out

If you ain't gonna help, don't bother posting here, thanks.


Actually I'm in the market for a toaster and that one looks half decent.

Anwyays the problem here is he probably wants prebuilt, right?  With that budget I wouldn't even think twice, I'd just nab a Falcon Northwest.  

Sorry lol, i didnt have much time to post. Oh and NCIX will pre-build your computer for you, if you buy all the parts from them. It costs $50. 

Here is a Good Build for $1400 he will get some Kick-Ass Performance

What kind of stupid upgrades are we talking about here? I have 200 bucks on top of what I've got so far


Here is something very close in price that will acheive 30% higher framerates

Don't worry about building it, i'll help him with that. i just need him to finally believe that if it isn't premade with a list of pre selected parts it's still buildable.

this is what i gave him. thoughts?

I would peronally go with something like this -

The case is personal preference so i just put in the one you had.

Also i would rather a MSI z87-g45 or g65, but again i didnt know how you felt about MSI products.

from what i understand msi is one of the best along with asus and gigabyte. however, i don't trust asrock. idk i see a lot of people buying and loving them but i dont really trust them. 

Asus has the highest qualty and performance boards, I think its well worth it, even if it means paying $20 more for a motherboard. I have a friend who's dad is using a Asus from 1998! Still runs fine.

lmao. yeah i'm in love with my f2 a85m pro. so easy to get into the bios and so many options and extras.


hmm 1250 to 1800 bucks :P thats a challange i will look what i can make :P

4 options

AMD option 1:

Intel option  1:

AMD option 2:

Intel option  2:

you could also go cheaper on amd option 1 and intel option 1 if you put in a Radeon 7970 card.

grtz Angel ☺

Great builds. i will definitely show them in their entirity to my friend. think he's gonna go with intel option 2 . thanks so much for taking your time grtz

yeah that intel option 2 is ofc realy nice, if that fits in his budget then go for it. but the AMD option 2 is ofc also a great choice, both will perform realy great. its a $130 diffrence.

It's not his money he's spending lol. so i think he's gonna milk it. 

what does ofc mean?


ofc means offcourse.