Help 64 gb of ram on 1700 questions

Hello everyone! I have an interesting question and I have not really been able to find the answer besides actually buying more ram for my use case. However, im wondering if anyone else has had this situation and if they have any guidance on it.

So I primarily edit 4k 30 fps videos in davinci resolve with a vega 56 and a rhyzen 1700. My vega 56 has its HBC turn on to 4gb so its effectively at 28gb of system ram and a 12gb gpu vram. During renders with noise reduction and fusion going, I can get what I think is a memory limit and my system goes into a black screen. Or its the GPU getting too busy but I think its a ram limit because when noise reduction isnt on its fine with fusion effects going.

So back to the story. I have 2 16gb ballistic sport 3200 DR kit in my rig right now but im looking at upgrading to 64gb to see if that issue goes away. However, im a bit worried about compatibility. Ive got an x470 gaming plus motherboard and wondering has anyone tried 64gb of ram and gotten 3200 speeds to work on it? if not what was the clock downgrade and if there was where you able to tune the timings to make the speed hit small?

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