Hellow i just need help

i need to explain that i used to use with my used to be windows machine an ipod witch was what i listened to alone in the corner of the class room as every body has fun. ive for the past week have gone with out it due to me switching to linux and my deprition and dark thoughts have made me a nervous wreck cause of it so i will ask this what MP3 player with similar quality to apple ipod in the 16 GB catorgorie be and dont say an ipod nano 7th gen cause thats what i got and it dosent work i got so frustrated with it i threw it across the room i need a good mp3 player i can maintain and like without getting finger prints all over it + it needs to fit in pocket further more as i said i use this for school so no i cannot use my phone that's why i also where a watch please help me 


Go for a cellphone with extra storage in form of a SD card. That way, you don't have to run around with 2 devides everywhere, and they work pretty much the same. If you've used apple devices before, as you wrote, go for a iPhone, or some overprices bollocks like that. 

i use this for school so no i cannot use my phone

guess that won't work

lol and i use LINUX apple dosent like it even their os is a cousin to it 

I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to connect your Apple 7th generation iPod Nano to your Linux powered computer. There are always the android-powered MP3 players available, although you may want to consider something from china just for the sake of the price. Apple devices already have a premium, but Android devices keep them.

On a side note, I'm not entirely sure that I want you to find a Linux-compatible device. It sounds to me as though you need to listen during class.

i do its just whean its done ;)


getting a sony walkmen


Maybe you should read the question instead of trying to hard to feel superior. English may not be the primary language of some members. Get over it. 


too bad he's from the u.s., and the post was barely understandable

Everybody else that posted understood it. Its no reason to be an asshole, and give an answer that exactly the opposite of what was requested.

Are you doing this on purpose now?