Hello people of the internet NEED SOME HELP

So I just finshed my build and....... it won't post.I just rip out all the parts of my old computer except for the cpu and mobo.I only put one stick of ram and that did not work.Then I pluged my gpu into a differnet slot that did not work.also pluged into a differnet monitor and that did not work.all of the fan spin.My frist build went really smoth.But this build is making want to buy prebuild computers.The motherboard does not have video out.I thought that all motherboard had to have some type of video port but i guess not. all of my part work I just rip the out about one week before my new cpu came in.


Asrock 990FX Extreme3


500 segate barracuda

500w corsair

G skiil ares series 8 gb 

7870 xt

Clear CMOS?

You need bios P1.30 for the FX8320(Piledriver) 

Dont go past bios 1.3 ether you runn in to cool boot bugs where you have to restart the pc lots of times before it will boot(i am useing one as a temporary mobo)

yea did that last night and booted like a charme.thank you man you save me the hassle of send it back.so thank you good ser

You're welcome (: Knowing how to clear CMOS is a nice little magic trick to know, it can fix a lot of problems.