Hello I need help:D!

Hello everyone i'm new to the forum , i watched tek syndicate since they were still razetheworld , and i want to know if you all can help a friend gamer.

So i enlisted in the razer bf4 contest and i need entry's , i need this computer because i live in a not so "cool" country . The prices here for pc components go off the charts sooo yeah.... i am now writing from a 4 yr old sony vaio fz series.

I wan't to ask the community a favor , please help me win this pc , it will greatly help me study codding and development and it will allow me to play games my one true passion...... so please if you have the time just click here and help a bro!

If you can share the link and tell others....

Have a nice Day!!


The link:  http://splur.gy/r/fHtL9/r/2DBBNy50DNC

Glad to be of help :)

Thanks a lot man, it realy matter to me:D...


Hey do you mind visiting my link aswell? (my hardware plight is bad, probably not as bad as yours, but it's bad-check my profile)

Either way, glad to help :D

I would love to see you winning this PC best wishes to you.

Good luck!

I visited your link:D no problem man:D, and thanks a lot

Thanks a lot , :D omg i love this community it's full of good people :D i should stay more on this forum and help others too.... thanks again.

Thanks a bunch man!

Anyone wanna visit mine?



i visited yours as well


As I did your's :D thanks a lot


Visited yours :D

Do you mind going on mine?




Thanks :)

Well i'm going to sleep , i'm going to check the thread tomorow to enter everyone's page:D. Till then please enter my page and share it if you can.The link:  http://splur.gy/r/fHtL9/r/2DBBNy50DNC , every entry will help me... i wish you all a very nice day .

Well, I'll give it a shot too.

Here is my link if anyone wants to use it :D


I'll jump on the bandwagon, Here's mine if anyone is kind enough to use it :D, and i'll also visit anyone else's that's posted