Hello from mother Russia

Hello guys, helo Logan, Wendell and Pistol. Here's the thing. Unfortunately I have a very serious case of disease. The symptoms are such that my hands are growing out of my ass. The other day, i was cleaning out my pc, and durring an attempt to take the front panel off, i accidentaly ripped one of the wires to my power button. Durring an attempt to solder it back on, i unsoldered the other wire. While trying to solder bot of them back on, i completely destroyed the switch. (as I already stated, i am butthanded). Can i use my Defender usb keyboard to turn my pc on? I was able to do that with my old PS/2 keyboard, is it possible with a usb keyboard? If not , what can i do about it? Thanks. W/luv from mother Russia (where the button breaks you).

Well, you could just solder on a new switch.

Follow the cables back to the motherboard and look at which two pins they are connected to. Move the reset switch cables over to the power switch terminals and then use that as your switch. Most cases will even allow you to move the switch behind the button so you could do that to.

If you are completely stuck, you can just touch the two wires together momentarily to start your PC as that's all the switch is doing.

Worst case scenario, use a paperclip or screwdriver to bridge the two pins to start your PC.

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