Heatsink problem

Yeah, I bought an FX 8350 last week and installed it correctly. Everything was working fine but it was making a lot of noise and sometimes it was going over 5200 RPM and the PCU is only 33 C. I tried to lock it in the BIOS but an event there wont let me. Also, when the fan makes the horrible sound, my computer beeps and it restarts 2 seconds later. I checked in the BIOS how hot is the CPU is and it only 46 C. I wonder if you guys can help me.



- DeadXangelqc

Stock heatsink/fan? > if yes then you haven't mounted the cooler properly (add to that the rpm skyrockets to 5200 and then system beeps and restarts). Even with any other heatsink same thing applies.

Also make sure the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header on the motherboard.

If its the stock fan then yes thats normall its a tearable heatsink grab a cheap cooler master hyper 212 evo for £25 thay are great cheap heatsinks


And yes it is stock one. So clearly i should buy a new heatsinck  then... Tank you guys.

Yes it is the stock heatsink, I might haven't mounted it properly. The heatsink is connected in the right place ''CPU_FAN''. I will buy a new one since it normaly noisy...


Today the heatsink was running ''normal'' and the PC beeped and shotdown now im kind of unsure if it was the heatsink enymore... But im still gonna buy a new cooler. :/